Get the people who live or work in your community to frequent your business!

Dartmouth and Dartmouth Hitchcock's Employee Discount Program

What is D'Perks?

This Dartmouth/Dartmouth-Hitchcock (DHMC) exclusive national and local discount/promotion program is designed for use by Dartmouth and DHMC faculty, physicians, professionals, administrative assistants and union members - for all 11,000 + employees. The program is managed by the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce (HACC) and its partner and program website host, Workstream.

What is in it for you?

*You will "talk" to these 11,000 + employees

*You will attract local Dartmouth and DHMC shoppers into your store with regular discounts or promotions so you can keep them coming back. D'Perks will communicate at least monthly with all 11,000 + employees to remind them about how much their Dartmouth/DHMC ID can do for them!

* You will be working with HACC and Workstream to identify which categories you want to be listed within the "search" area. This provides you maximum exposure in multiple categories, if appropriate.

*You will receive a D'Perks decal to display in your business, on your window or in another high visibility location so your Dartmouth/DHMC employee customers know that you are participating in the program!

The decal will be mailed to you upon program registration.

Click here to download the Full D'Perks Program Description.


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