How to search for a business  
If you know the name of the business you're trying to find:
1) Type the name in the search box on the top, left-hand side of this (or any) page
2) If "0 results are found," try adding in any punctuation you may have omitted (e.g. apostrophes, periods, etc.)
3) If "0 results are found" again, see below to search by business category
If you would like to search by business category:
1) Hold your cursor over one of the tabs in the green menu bar above (e.g. "Eat")
2) Click on one of the subcategories listed or click "ALL" to view a complete listing of all member businesses in that category
3) If you believe that the business is a member of the Chamber but are unable to locate it on our page, please call (603) 643-3115

You can now click on links to the business' website, view contact info, etc.!