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The Finest Diamonds & Artisan Jewelry(Alex Sepkus, Mark Patterson, Roberto Coin, Yossi Harari, Sarah Graham, John Hardy, Toby Pomeroy, Todd Reed, Gellner,Paul Morelli, Ed Levin & more>

Von Bargen's Jewelry Description:
Von Bargen's Jewelry - By choosing Von Bargens for your important jewelry purchases, you are supporting a family owned and operated, independent jewelry business that believes in and has built a business on the importance of beauty and art in our lives. Now entering our fourth decade in business, we still bring art, beauty and romance into the lives of our employees, clients and communities. We manufacture our own fine jewelry collection, as well as align ourselves with the most talented jewelry artisans who share our passion for quality and design. Our Vision is to leave the world a more beautiful place. Learn more about our continued commitment to our passion while bettering our environment.

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